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PUMA lanceert ‘What’s In Your Nature’ Facebook App december 6, 2012

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PUMA Football yesterday launched its new ‘What’s In Your Nature’ Facebook app, a virtual platform featuring a host of PUMA’s players. The new app is a destination where fans can join the Speed team captained by Sergio Agüero, the Power team led by Cesc Fàbregas or the King team led by Yaya Touré.

Fans who join will receive exclusive content and personalised messages from the PUMA players in their team.

PUMA Football’s Speed, Power and King team captains; Sergio Agüero, Cesc Fàbregas and Yaya Touré, are heading up each of the teams in the new campaign, inviting fans to find out What’s In Their Nature on the new app. The app explores the Nature of Performance, which is at the heart of everything a player does. The better you perform, the more you enjoy it; and the more you enjoy it, the better you perform.

Throughout the campaign, users will have the opportunity to join virtual training sessions with their team captain plus many other PUMA players, and win personalised prize packages.

Speaking about the new campaign, Cesc Fàbregas said: “I really like the idea of creating an online team, giving fans an opportunity to become part of one big football community. I hope all the fans and players out there that are Power hungry will join my team.”

Yaya Touré, the King team captain said: “I’ll be sending out exclusive content to the King team members, and throughout the campaign they will have the chance to join virtual training sessions as well as see some tips from me about skills and ball control. Fans can only take part in these sessions by joining one of the teams, so they should definitely log on now to PUMA Football Facebook and join the team.”

“It’s all about speed for me”, says Speed team captain Sergio Agüero. “Fans who join the Speed team will be able to find out about the evoSPEED boot that I wear and the technologies that help me to get to the ball first. My team members will also be able to take part in Speed virtual training sessions and receive lots of exclusive content.”

Visit http://go.puma.com/WhatsInYourNature to find out more about The Nature of Performance and to join the world’s largest team.

Bron: Sports illustrated



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