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Populariteitsmeting door verkoop van voetbalshirts oktober 25, 2012

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Vanaf seizoen 2007-2008 t/m seizoen 2011-2012 heeft Real Madrid en Manchester United beide 1.4 miljoen officiële wedstrijd tenues verkocht. de leveranciers van de tenues zijn respectievelijk van Adidas en Nike net als de overige clubs die in de Top 10 staan. Net als in de vorige post zie je dat Nike en Adidas de hofleverancier is van deze clubs.




  • Dr Rohlmann’s research focussed on the clubs within the major leagues of Europe but also looked at big clubs in small leagues to see how they fare. None of those clubs would, over an extended period of time, match the sales of the top 10 listed today.
  • The biggest clubs in Turkey, namely Galatasaray and Fenerbahce would sell numbers at the lower end of the 10 in good years but sales of official merchandise in some regions, including Turkey and especially Asia, tend to be damaged by cheaper counterfeit goods.
  • A “big” club like Ajax in a “small” league like the Dutch league might expect to sell 100,000 shirts and probably fewer in most seasons. Celtic (a Nike club) are believed to be the biggest sellers among Scotland’s clubs, with “good year” sales at the lower end of the  top 10, ie: several hundred thousand per year, many of them overseas in North America, Canada and Australia.


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